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Sarah Jessica Parker was recently spotted walking in the West Village in NYC (where she lives and is constantly haunted by papscheap michael kors) carrying a lovely tan and white colorblock Michael Kors Large Miranda Tote. At first I thought this bag might be some new, oversized version of the Miranda, but then I remembered how petite SJP is –cheap michael kors bags she’s not just slender, she’s tiny in a general way. While this bag isn’t actually any bigger than most Mirandas, however, it is brand new, and you can pre-order it for $1,195 at Michael Kors Cheap.

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SJP frequently makes appearances here on PB (in part, due to her very frequent availability to NYC paparazzi), and a lot of her handbag choices have been a tad more economical recently. Case in point: we most recently spotted her with the new Coach Borough Bag. While Michael Kors isn’t exactly inexpensive, the brand’s bags are only a fraction of the price of Sarah’s preferred Chanel picks. You can comb through the majority of SJP’s highly impressive bag stash in “The Many Bags of Sarah Jessica Parker”.michael kors handbag cheap,cheap michael kors handbags wholesale,cheap michael kors handbags from china.

Dance and Fitness Gurus – What Makes You the Best

Ever wondered why some dancers are better than other dancers are? The question had been hovering in my mind for quite some time, and I had been unable provide myself with a suitable answer. Until recently, when I met a certain dancer, whose kind manner, yet strong words sparked fire in my mind; according to [...]


Tales from South-by-Southwest #interactive: An Interview with Awesome designer Jean Merkle

South by Southwest is an internationally-known yearly festival that celebrates new and emerging music, film, and “interactive” a catch-all term for what laymen might call “social media.” All kinds of startups are present, as well as much larger brands like Oreos and Doritos, as well as newcomers Spotify and Dropbox. The roots of SXSW lie [...]


Creative writing? There’s now an app for that.

Created by brothers Adam and Ben Long, Hemingway analyzes text and, as it promises, “makes your writing bold and clear.” The way that this tool improves writing is by pointing out complicated words, adverbs, and difficult-to-read sentences, as well as instances of the passive voice. While an application can’t hold a candle to that fascist [...]


Marvel x Disney

Not every movie production firm has its ducks in such a neat line, save for Marvel which has announced that the next 14 years of productions are already in the works. Other brands realize the creative power of Marvel as well: “It’s almost like we have a built-in GPS system for the storytelling,” Disney exec [...]


Team 2.0

Team 2.0 is an innovative new dance company, but they wouldn’t tell you that themselves. Rian and Tabitha, a couple from Missouri, describes their community as “a new generation of dancers who are taking the fundamentals of freedom and expression through hip hop, but taking it to a whole new level and making it a [...]


Lorde Lets Us Know It’s Ok Not To Be #Flawless

“i find this curious – two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remember flaws are ok Young New Zealander and pop diva Lorde make a big stand against photoshopping today by pointing out the vast difference between two photos taken–of her–at the same event. The 17-year-old posted two [...]


South by Southwest puts Texas (even more) on the map

An oversized roasting spit. Erotic maneuvers on a mechanical bull. Fake vomit. In the first 15 minutes, Lady Gaga brought Austin, Texas to their knees as part of her Doritos-sponsored “Born this Way” tour. In order to get in, attendants had to document their completion of extreme challenges via social media. Beginning in 1987, and [...]


Pop-Up Review. Björk, Biophilia

We might now know, thanks to the internet, that Colin Powell was taking selfies before it was cool. However, Bjork made her album, Biophilia, as an iPad app and soon after Radiohead followed suit. In Biophilia, Björk showed us an artistic vision that was both electronic and environmentalist. With a specifically iOS-oriented app format, she instigated [...]


pop up review- Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products

While Steve Job and Tim Cook have both occupied moments in limelight, the focus of writers and the tech world has shifted to designer and erstwhile Jobs-protege Jony Ive. Following suit with what Walter Isaacson does in Steve Jobs’s biography, Kahney reframes Ive’s story as a younger/bold influence in the Apple team and the maverick [...]


Finding Your Passion

In American culture we have an idea that we need to “find our passion” and truly do the thing that is meant for us. However, there are some reasons to ask if there are reasons NOT to follow the idea of one, all-encompassing passion. Life guru and journalist Leo Babauta says: “Here’s what I’d say: [...]