The Future of Mass Media Part 2! Interview with Shannon McCann!

In this special blog, I will be interviewing Shannon McCann. She’s a professor at SUNY Selden. This is the part two of The Future of Mass Media.

1.Q: Who inspired you to become a professor?

A: My mother played a huge role in my education. As a single parent raising four children by herself, she truly instilled the power of education into us from a very young age. She encouraged me to go back to school after I graduated from college. I’m fortunate to have had her advice and support.

2.Q: Why did you decide to teach mass media?

A: I was thrilled when I was offered the course, and I jumped at the chance to teach media. I love the fact that I’m always learning because media is always changing. I sometimes prepare a lecture only to find that something monumental has happened in the world of mass media, and the class goes in a totally different direction because of all the wonderful class comments and participation.

3.Q: In your own words, what is your definition of mass media?

A: Even though that sounds like an easy question, that’s a tough one… I would have to say that mass media goes well beyond the general definition of “communication intended for a large audience.” I would also have to add that mass media defines our culture; it shapes our relationships and our understanding of one another; it guides our outlook on our immediate environment as well as the world.

4.Q: What aspects do you enjoy in mass media industry?

A: I am still in awe at the speed of which things happen due to mass media; it truly is an evolving and ever changing entity that continually shapes and molds our outlook. Everything from the stock market to celebrity gossip is affected by mass media.

5.Q: What are some of your challenges as an educator of mass media?

A: Staying on topic and making sure I cover the syllabus. As I said, it’s very easy to let current events and recent developments dictate the lecture.

6.Q: What is your idea of the next mass media outlet?

A: You’re asking this from someone who only recently succumbed to the pressure of using Facebook… I think the iphone’s and ipod’s ability to “face time” will really start to take off and become a very impressive media outlet.

7.Q: What is your advice for someone who wants a career in marketing through mass media?

A: Diversify… take as many classes as you can to see the various sides of marketing. If you can, try to arrange for an internship; companies love to see that you have a broad range of knowledge and real life experience that you can bring to their organization. Also, take as many writing classes as you can and really work to strengthen your communication skills.

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