Dance it Country Style: What to Wear to a Line Dance

So you think you can dance it country style, do you? Are you ready to do a country line dance?

Country line dancing is a lot of fun. But if you’ve never done it before, your first question is probably this: What on earth do I wear to an event like this? Here are a few apparel tips before you head out to dance it country style!

1. Style. Although not all line dances are country and you can wear whatever style you want, if you’re going to a country event to dance it up then you should probably dress the part. That means blue jeans, button up shirts, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, long flowy skirts or short skirts for the ladies, or whatever you like that looks “country-esque”. Unless you are visiting the heart of Texas where people can tell if you’re a real cowboy/cowgirl or not, it doesn’t really matter as long as you like it and it fits with the party/event theme. If you’re not sure what the theme is, call ahead or ask around so you don’t show up in full Western gear for a non-country line dance, or show up wearing a ghetto outfit complete with massive chain necklace when everyone else is wearing boots and spurs.

2. Comfort. Be comfortable! If you’re going to dance it country style, you’re going to be moving a lot, and the last thing you want is clothes that chafe, don’t move with you, are too tight or don’t breath. Skintight leather is a bad idea unless you relish the idea of sweating the night away while you dance it country style!

3. Wear shoes you can dance in! You can usually get away with sneakers depending on the event, but sneakers and other rubber soled shoes are difficult to pivot in, which will make dancing harder. Boots and other smooth soled shoes are the best for you to dance it country style in. Make sure you break in your dance shoes first; brand new shoes, unless they’re sneakers, will be painful if you dance it all night in new shoes. Wear them shopping for a day or practice dancing in them at home a little bit each day for a week or so.

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