Make Money as a Freelance Fashion Designer With Crowd Sourcing

Are you looking for a way to make money by designing fashion? Crowd sourcing is the way to go. You can find crowd sourcing jobs and online free competitions that offer you the chance to become a Freelance designer.

What is crowd sourcing? It is very simple: Crowd sourcing happens when people look to the “crowd”, or Internet, for ideas, designs, or work instead of hiring someone full time or using an agency. Basically, they post whatever job they have, and anyone online can potentially do the job and get paid. Crowd sourcing jobs can include writing and secretarial jobs, design, technical skills such as website building, and much more. Some websites look for people to simply offering ideas to problems.

How do the jobs work? The first kind of crowd sourcing job is online free competitions. These can be design contests, where the applicants enter user created content. The winner of the design contest will be paid for their design or user created content, and sometimes will receive a copy of the product they designed. You can find these contest by doing a Google search for “design contests” or “crowd sourcing fashion design.”

The other method is to sign up to a crowd sourcing website. These websites allow potential clients to post a job that freelancers, such as yourself, can bid on. A client wanting a new fashion design can post what they are looking for, and then freelancers can offer them a price and show their portfolio. The client will choose the most promising freelancer, and viola! You have a fashion design contract! Do a Google search for “Freelancer”, “Crowdsourcing”, or both together. Some of these websites offer online free competitions as well, so you can bid on jobs and enter design contests all on one website.

This is much more than just entering your user created content into a random contest. Many freelancers make full time incomes by using crowd sourcing websites. You may not be looking for something that ambitious; but you can certainly make a part time income, or even just earn some extra spending money on the side with crowd sourcing.

About the author

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