Be Discovered As a Song Writer With This Easy Method

Are you a song writer? Do you get those random moments where you suddenly have lyrics running through your head, and you have to stop whatever you are doing to write them down? Do you wish there was a way to share your music with the world and be discovered as a song writer? With song writing competitions, you can find exactly what you are looking for, whether it be money, recognition, or opportunities to further your musical career.

If you go to and search “song writing competitions”, you will discover that there are many ways to be discovered online. There are dozens of song writing competitions that allow you to enter your recorded songs or lyrics, depending on the contest. Some contests are free to enter, while others require an entry fee. The contest entry forms usually include a photo, short biography, and either a video or audio file of your song or just the written lyrics, depending on what the contest is for. However, each contest is different, so you may find some that only want the lyrics and your name, or just a video, etc. Sometimes contests will allow you to send in your entry through the regular mail if you prefer that method.

The prizes range from cash and product prizes to music contracts and record deals. You may end up selling your song to a famous star, or becoming one yourself! No matter what the prizes are, this is a fantastic way to be discovered as a song writer. You can be sure that there will be talent scouts checking out the contest entries, looking for new song writers and artists.

So whether you want to be famous, make money, or be discovered as a budding music artist, online song writing contests are a great way to get started. The opportunities are endless, the prizes are fantastic, and the recognition is great. So what are you waiting for?

About the author

Lilly Black Lilly is a professional musician, vocalist and writer of blogs, songs, stories, and much more. She loves doing anything that allows her to be creative, she loves traveling to new countries and experiencing new cultures, and she is thoroughly in love with music of any kind. She has played her violin in Scotland, Bulgaria, the US, and Canada, and hopes to play in even more countries in the future. She is currently working on her debut album of original music, and has been working with other music artists for years.