Enticing DJs and Producers

America has seen a significant rise of interest in a genre which used to be a complete underground scene, electronic dance music (EDM). EDM and being a DJ used to be only for that crowd that went to raves at abandoned factories or some house party that had rap competitions. That is no longer the case: producers and DJs are now performing on worldwide tours and during festivals created solely for EDM. As more people began to become enthusiasts of EDM, the more are inspired to create everything about it from Trance to Dubstep or just to learn how to spin turntables to your favorite music. Which results in many young producers and DJs trying to emulate their favorite artists success.

Even though DJs and EDM have become much more mainstream, there are still very few outlets that allow such a group to optimally display their talent and skills. There are remix competitions but the contest prizes associated with those events rarely lead to an actual deal with a label or any progress in a music career. We have seen events in Southern California that made it easy to enter a contest and win. They offered weekly competitions where a DJ could show up, then spin in front of respected DJs who judged their work and offered constructive criticism.The contest prizes were mediocre at best, although the event was streamed over the Internet which allowed for optimal viewing. Unfortunately this event was discontinued which ended another outlet for DJs and producers.

Show America is a social network where a professional profile (AKA a profolio) can be created for aspiring artists such as DJs and producers. It will allow artists to showcase their best work and essentially be in competition with other artists in their categories. Show America will also have competitions where you can enter the contest and win contest prizes that may be awarded from labels and talent scouts. Viewers can vote on your best tracks, which also allows you to build a fan base. Show America is your chance to be discovered!

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