Get Discovered as a Singer on YouTube

So you can sing. You know it, your friends know it, the guy at your school with a crush on you knows it (hence the crush). And your dream is to win a big time singing contest and be the next Taylor Swift. But simply having talent isn’t enough to get you into show business. You have to get discovered as a singer- you have to be seen, and recognised as new talent worthy of stardom.

So how do you get discovered as a singer? Several recent artists, most notably Justin Bieber, got their big break on youtube. It’s a great way to be seen- millions of potential viewers, it’s free, and it has the potential to be your big break if the right person sees how talented you are. With some huge artists making their debuts on youtube, some talent scouts are taking advantage of the situation and will sometimes post a singing contest to give talented people a way to be seen. This also gives them lots of fresh, new talent to choose from.

Go to, type in singing contest and see how many potential opportunities there are for you to get discovered as a singer and reach the stars! You may be surprised how many people are looking for singers just like you. There are lots of other talented people out there though, so don’t be disappointed if your first attempt doesn’t end the way you want. Keep trying, and don’t give up, and someday you’ll be seen as the artist you really are.

So how can you get discovered as a singer? Have someone help you make your own homemade music video to showcase your new talent and post it on youtube. It worked for Jessica Black! Just make sure your parents are ok with this if you’re underage. Keep your eyes open for a youtube singing contest, and jump at the chance to be seen. Post a link to your video on the social media sites that you and your friends hang out on, and ask them to share it with their friends too. If it’s good and people really like it, your video could quickly become a new internet sensation, and your dreams of stardom could come true.

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