Getting Discovered as a Band Manager! Explore Talent Through 2012 Contests.

Do you manage bands for a living? Getting discovered as a band manager is very challenging, you must have a business sense and amazing communication skills to lead a band to fruition!

As a band manager you must always be looking for new ways to promote your bands, you have to keep lots of contacts and constantly network through the music and entertainment industry. Here are a few tips on getting discovered:

  • Keep a good communication with all the members of the band and make sure they’re happy in the direction the band is heading.
  • Sit down with your bands or individuals in that band, and write down their goals. Set up 6 month goals that are realistically reachable.
  • Keep an eye out for your bands performance, How can they improve their stage presence?

Once these tips are applied to your business, you are ready to move on to getting discovered as a professional band manager. Getting discovered as a band manager is a tough job, it’s all on you to make your bands famous. Here are six steps to do that:

  1. Set up weekly meetings with your bands, to go over bands presence on social networks, gigs, stage presence, studio time, new songs, and new members.
  2. On your time, talk to other managers for new collaborations.
  3. Book shows in months in advance, at least one show a week, until your band get comfortable, then you can raise that number.
  4. Get interviews in magazines, pod casts, radio spots, and YouTube.
  5. Create a logo for your band, you can hire a graphic designer to make a really cool eye popping logo.
  6. Enter 2012 contests. The great thing about 2012 contests is that your bands can showcase their talent. Another great thing about 2012 contests is, you can explore talent, to find new bands you can manage.

Keep believing in yourself and your bands. There are many online tools you can use while getting discovered, like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Google +. There are two other tools you can use that are made specifically for music.

Reverb Nation:
Sound Cloud:
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