Getting Discovered as a Rap Group! Be Seen through Music Auditions!

Are you looking to create a rap group? Are you musically talented? Do you want to be seen and loved by many? Getting discovered as a rap group is a daunting task, but if your dedicated to making your dream a reality, then all things are possible!

Now-a-days there are so many different outlets for one to be seen and showcase your talent. Lets take a look into some of them:

To be seen as a rap group in today’s world there are a few things you must know before you begin your journey. Here are 7 Steps to follow to be seen:

  1. Teamwork is everything: Make sure your group has the capacity of being creative while working with other people. Collaboration is key! Remember Team means Together Everyone Achieves More!

  2. Practice: Set goals for your group, and to do everything within your power to achieve those goals.

  3. Encourage group writing: You can enhance a song’s lyrics, with unique ideas and styles. This will improve your overall flow!

  4. Acquire tools of the trade: Get a computer with a mixing program, microphones, amplifiers, and a PA system.

  5. Enter music auditions: Getting discovered through music auditions is a great way to showcase all the talent in your band. Remember that music auditions judges will critique your band, use that judgement to improve your music.

If you need inspiration, check out A.B.O.R.N.


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They are a multi media company/ independent, up and coming rap group out of Port Jefferson Station,Long Island New York. The members include:

  • Ton Leakz (age 18)

  • Johnny 2good (age 18)

  • Junstar (age 19)

  • Kay (age 21)

  • Diko- T (age 19

  • D’ Angel (age 19)

They say music is a reflection of influences. For instance Junstar was born and raised in Brooklyn, Ton Leakz was born in Harlem, D’angel was born in the Dominican Republic, but moved to Washington Heights NY at the age of 12, Diko-T was also born in the Dominican Republic, but moved to Brooklyn at the age of 9, and Kay and was born in the Bronx. Eventually they all made there way out east and in the year 2008 the group was formed. A.B.O.R.N basically was started up by a group of friends that met in Comsewogue High School in Port Jefferson Station, but they didn’t begin to take it serious until their talents landed in the hands of Bob Santos, who took the movement into a professional level.

Bob Santos (age 25) is Johnny 2good’s older brother, current manager and owner of A.B.O.R.N. and LGBE, video director, and is in charge of all their marketing and promotion.

Frank White aka Franksta, Shanksta, Frank Wizzy, Franky is Bob’s closest friend, business partner and also an A.B.O.R.N rap artist. He currently lives out west in San Diego, where he handles the promotions on the west coast.

Another important asset to the company is Xavier Poulos, he handles the marketing and promotion out in south FL.

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