What is Viral Video and How Can You Make it Work for Your Pet’s Entertainment Career

While looking through YouTube videos, you explore talent of other pets to compare them with your beloved dog or cat. Everyone likes to think their pet is the cutest on the planet and would be perfect for commercials or a part in a movie; but not all pets have what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry. There are several things you will want to do to ensure your pet gets the exposure needed to land a job in the entertainment industry.

Begin by capturing your pet doing something spectacular on video. You can then enter a contest for pet videos as well as post it on YouTube so the video has a chance of going viral. People who aren’t sure what is viral video need only look as far as the top daily videos on YouTube’s website. A viral video is one that becomes extremely popular through online sharing. Emailing, sharing on Facebook or sending it through Twitter are all excellent ways to make a viral video.

You might be asking yourself what is viral video good for? It is in fact a popular place for talent scouts to look for animal talent to fill a wide variety of animal actor roles. Your dog or cat must not only have a talent or be especially cute; he or she must also be extremely well behaved. Almost all dogs, and some cats, are trainable if you start early and remain consistent with their instructions. Besides tricks, train them to do simple things on command such as lie down or walk away. These skills are especially valuable to an animal talent agent, when they explore talent and consider a pet for a long-term contract like a television program.

Once you have trained your pet and obtained a video of them doing their trick or special talent, post the video on YouTube and help it go viral. To do this, you could enter a contest for pet videos in addition to sending the video to everyone you know through email and social media outlets. Ask your family and friends to forward the video to their friends and ask that they keep it circulating as long as they can. Some older people might not know what is viral video and what your point is in using it, but if you explain you are trying to help your pet become a star, they should be glad to help.

Before trying to enter a contest on a national level with your pet video, you may want to send the video to some of the local advertising agencies or a local talent agency if your town has one. Local agencies are usually willing to explore talent that is closer to them rather than have the cost of long-distance transportation for talent. Plus, it is always better to see an act in person.

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