How to Get Discovered as a Director! Be Seen & Win Big!

Do you love film? Do you think you can make great film?  Do you want to be seen and get discovered as a director? Whether its a commercial, TV show, movie, documentary, or a short film; This blog is for you.

In this article I will show you the many ways on getting discovered as a director, as well as how you can win big! Becoming a director is tough work! A film director manages all the other crews. Make sure you can handle all these responsibility before you commit to your dream.

  1. Give direction to all the actors, figuring out the light in the film, and make sure the tone fits the movie.
  2. Make sure that the shot is taken at the right angles.
  3. Shoot scenes that match you storyboard.
  4. Direct photography, fashion designers, dancers and choreographers.
  5. Scope out the best locations, and perfect cast.

If you can handle these responsibilities, then continue reading on how you can get discovered. These are the things you can do to be seen and get discovered:

  1. Direct local plays to get some practice.
  2. Make short films and get a portfolio going with all your great works.
  3. Go to school or formal training in film.
  4. Watch movies that inspire you, evaluate and critique them.
  5. Write screenplays, and write down your goals so you have a direction.

The average salary for a film director is 65,000 a year, but an A list director can command 5 to 10 million dollars per film. You need to be creative, determined, and passionate to get discovered and win big as a director!

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